Horizon Globex announces ERC20 token custody solution

Ganten Group Signs Agreement to Act as Trustee for Issuers ICO Tokens Zug, Switzerland (December 17th, 2018) – Horizon Globex GmbH of Switzerland (“Globex”), a Swiss software and communications business currently undertaking the Talketh.io ICO, announced the appointment of Ganten Group, Liechtenstein, to supply a blockchain custody and trustee service for VOX tokens issued to investors […]Continue Reading

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The Best of our 2018 Blogs

By Sandra Quinn As we near the end of 2018 and people are already starting to daydream at their desks about the days off, the Christmas pudding, the over-eating and catching up with family, we decided to take a look back at our blogs from throughout the year and pick out some of our favourites. […]Continue Reading

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Give the Elves a Helping Hand with these Tech Stocking Fillers

By Sandra Quinn Tis the season of mulled wine, warm apple cider, egg nog, Christmas work parties and of course Christmas shopping. While some people are made for this season and have been stocking up on the ideal presents since the middle of summer, others (let’s face it, most of us) live in dread of […]Continue Reading

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The Best of Blockchain from 2018

By Sandra Quinn 2018 has been a busy year for the blockchain with innovations and new apps and DApps popping up every week, month and quarter. There have been a number of sectors to have benefitted from the innovations and thinking outside the box within the sector and these include the health industry, finance, telecommunications […]Continue Reading

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Who to Watch in the Blockchain World

By Sandra Quinn The world of blockchain innovations and DApps is constantly changing and evolving with new people, developments and products to watch every week. With this in mind, here at Horizon Globex HQ, we decided to compile a ‘Who to Watch’ list for you to keep an eye on and if there is anyone […]Continue Reading

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Are You Due a Social Media Friend Cull?

By Sandra Quinn Today, November 17, is National Unfriend Day – I know it’s not a regular international day of recognition and indeed is not a particularly nice one, but it does provide some food for thought about the social media saturated world in which we live. This is a day, which logistically speaking, from […]Continue Reading

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Cool Apps to Cosy Up With This Winter

By Sandra Quinn Twenty years ago, most people’s houses would have been filled with books, manuals, DVD’s and CD’s – now many of these have been replaced by apps on our smart phones and tablets. Apps are wonderful, as many of them are compatible with both Android and Apple and the majority are free or […]Continue Reading

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How dApps Are Changing the Blockchain World

By Sandra Quinn A Decentralised Application, otherwise known as a DApp, is an app run by multiple users on a decentralised network with trustless protocols. They are intrinsically designed to avoid being felled by a single point of failure and typically have tokens to reward users for providing the computing power. These are very much […]Continue Reading

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Tech Toys for Big Boys and Girls This Christmas

By Sandra Quinn Over the next month, all of the little people in your life will be busy poring over toy catalogues, paying eagle-eyed attention to toy adverts on television and YouTube and listening to what other children are wanting to get for Christmas, as they prepare to draft their letters to Santa. In that […]Continue Reading

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Christmas Tech Wish List For the Little Ones

By Sandra Quinn Christmas is a time of excitement, joy and for children (and some of the bigger children amongst us) a time for tinkering with new toys and playing with new inventions. If you have any little people in your life who are interested in science, space, computers, inventions, how things are made or […]Continue Reading

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